All the Vulantri items are fully hand-beaded/hand-braided and need delicate handling.

To maintain the shine of glass beads and metals longer, we advice not to place the item in direct sunlight and avoid getting wet and perfume . It is normal that during time the beads and chains may come loose and less shine. The loose beads  can be repaired yourself with a needle and thread. Please let us know if you need extra beads or refer to our repair policy.

The metal parts of the item are coated with transparent coating to prevent change colors. It is normal that by time the coating will get thinner and disappear. Important for colored brass: Do not use polisher as it may make the metal loose its plated color. Just gently wipe the surface with a soft fabric -without any liquid- to make them shiny again.

The leathers we use in the items are  genuine lambskin leathers or cowhide leather cords. Avoid the leathers and leather cords from getting wet to prevent water spots. And if they do get wet, allow them to dry naturally instead of adding heat. Specifically for suede, after it is dry, brush the nap out with a special brush specially designed for suede.

By wearing the item with care, it should mellow with age and last for a long time.